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Feel like crying!! Please read need answers on what I should do, I don’t want to lose the love of my life either ?

What to do when you are in a serious relationship but like lesbian porn & sometimes feel you want to try hooking up with a girl but don’t want a threesome or to lose the love of your life 

Btw I haven’t even had sex with him yet

I’m only 21 and still a virgin 

I don’t like girls I don’t have any attractive feelings for the same sex that’s only for men. It’s only when I watch the lesbian porn or feel horny in a certain way that comes and goes that makes me think hmm do I wanna have fun with a girl once. While I watch the porn my mind is like yes I want that badly in reality, I see ****/*** and it turns me out but then once I’m done I’m like not really or not too sure of it. But when I’m scrolling through Instagram I see half naked girls and don’t feel in any way attractive to them or horny. Rarely do i look at a half naked girl and get turn out when it isn’t porn. 

But most of the time I imagine making love with my boyfriend I just have these moments that come strong. Maybe I did it to myself since When I would get horny and wanted the D but couldn’t get it and fingering myself wasn’t enough so I would watch lesbian porn to get off to rubbing my clit. When I was little like the age of 3 I was already very sexual and would fantasize about many things. By the age of 5 a women in the family molested me and that lasted up to the age of 15. By that time I knew it was wrong 

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    Reported the pervêrt troll

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