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Why do my neighbors love to play their loud music for everyone to hear?

They have speakers inside of their garage. At 10pm (nighttime), they open their garage door, then turn the speakers on, blasting loud music with lots of bass. Why can't they shut their garage door and play their music? Nobody in the neighborhood is like, "oh yeah, open your garage door and blast your music for everyone to hear." Freaking close the garage door, and inside the house, they can blast their music all they want.

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    Check you locality noise  ordinance.   Most places especially if it a city have noise ordinance laws.  Call you police dept they can tell you.  

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    in most communities, this is perfectly legal before some specified hour at night -- frequently 11pm if the next day is M-F and 12pm if the next day is S or S.  Why do they do it?  to advertise that they're home and like irritating you.

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    Call the police.                     

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