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Should I never trust my Mom about money since I caught her lying?

My mother is from a third world country and keeps contact with her family there. I understand they are going through financial hardships and it’s no surprise she will help. I don’t have the right to intervene with her decision but I was a bit upset and disappointed that she lied to me. I overheard her say she was going to send additional money to help them and today she told me she needs to rush to western union before they close. I asked her if it was for additional help and she just gave a snappy response and said no it’s for rent which I know is a lie. Also my Mom is the type of person who likes to be a saint but doesn’t like the take full responsibility for her actions. Many years ago one of her tenants begged her to decrease the lease amount which is already below market value but my Mom did not have the backbone to say no and just went with it. Turns out her tenant just used that excuse so she could sell her business which she did so quickly after my Mom made new terms and because of this my Mom had a difficult time coming up with $10K in property taxes that year and begged me to lend her that amount. It’s been 5 years and she can’t even pay me back which I already took as a loss. I told myself if I ever strike it rich I would never ever tell her about it. A friend of mine told me I am selfish to do so but I didn’t tell him the full story of my experience.

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    You are not selfish. you demand that she repay you, and never lend another dime to her. If she cannot do the right thing for her daughter, why is she helping others?  I would never see her again, or even talk to her, until she paid her debt.

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    You are right.  You have no right to intervene with her decisions.

    If she is toxic (likes to be a saint), why are you even in contact with her?

    And you know she's not sending someone somewhere money for rent?


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