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Is lisp normal to develop if you have a underbite/crossbite and you get braces?

I just got braces put on Tuesday to start the process to get my crossbite - underbite corrected. Of course my mouth has been sore and in pain and I haven’t been able to eat. But Wednesday I noticed my teeth began to shift and now the lisp is heavy. Is this normal with soreness or will this just be how I talk now that my teeth are straightening out? Hoping it goes away as the soreness goes down and not this be a permanent thing for the 6-8 months I have to wear braces prior to surgery.


My teeth also feel loose which I know is normal but I’m wondering if me smoking weed while having the braces still sore is causing them to shift sooner than they normally would?

Update 2:

Also is the underbite suppose to get worse since the braces are suppose to be straightening your teeth? because it feels like my jaw is out further than what it was.

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