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SAT Time Management Questions?

I just took a full length practice SAT (I’m taking the real one in 4 months). So, when I took the test I was doing fine but once I hit the last section (math with calculator) I couldn’t focus and felt burnt out. I was just so ready to be done with it. How do I manage my time better and be able to make it through without feeling burnt out?

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    SAT with essay I believe is 3 hours 50 minutes, plus break times. You need to prepare yourself with proper sleep for the nights prior by a few days and proper nutrition without overeating. You need to be focused going in. It's a marathon test, not a sprint. 

    During the test, you need to remain calm. Stress during the test burns people out by mid-test. Learn that you'll get the score you get and it's not the end of the world if it's tougher than you thought. 

    You need a strategy to test taking. If I remember right, it's in sections for time slots.What I did is race through an entire section looking for relatively easy questions. On multiple choice get a guess in place and a marker sheet to know what will need a second or third pass review. I used half the time on a first pass through a section.It wasn't a stressful race, just a review and choose not dwelling on any question. Do what is simple math, simple thoughts, then move on.Second pass I worked on questions I skipped for half the remaining time (1/4 of a time section). Last 1/4 was review and only change what really looked wrong because you have to trust your instincts.If you don't like that strategy, figure out your own. You need a time plan and not get stuck for too much time in a few questions when there is still a lot ahead to do. You win the SAT game when your strategy and preparation of personal well-being is better than everyone else. It's not about getting a perfect score. It's about finding your method such that when you walk out of the room, you can say "I did my best".Sleep, nutrition, attitude, time plan for a method; then, execute to plan.

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