How much longer does it take to achieve an M.D. from a P.A. ?

I'm currently in school to be a P.A. I am waiting for my academic advisor to respond to my email about the matter. I'm also curious to see if getting a M.D. is worthwhile.


I'm completing my undergraduate for it at Liberty University. I have a double major. The major includes a B.S. in psychology along with a B.S. in Health Science. I'm working on obtaining the Psych degree so that I am able to use that towards being a Psychiatric P.A. After completing the undergraduate I will go to graduate school to obtain my masters which will fully qualify me to be a licensed P.A. It takes longer than four years to recieve a P.A. 

Update 2:

To receive a P.A. You must first receive an undergraduate degree. Hence why I have to complete the B.S. in Health Science. It takes about 5.5 to 6 years to obtain a P.A. certification. Four of those being your undergraduate and about 2.5 years for the masters which you must obtain. The masters program takes about 26 months to complete.

Update 3:

I'm not going yo school to be a physician. I'm going for a Physician Assistant. Two totally different things. I'm not pursing a M.D.

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    I think you mean "how much longer does it take to achieve an M.D. than a P.A." not "how much longer does it take to achieve an M.D. from a P.A."

    Medical school requires four years of undergraduate, four years of medical school, and then varying years of a residency depending on the court of practice you want to go into. Technically, you can practice after one year of a transitional residency in a non-board-certified field, but it will be difficult to get employment (and insurance). The shortest medical residencies, including family practice and emergency medicine, are three years. So say 11 years total  (4+4+3) as a functional minimum, not including the time it takes to pass your medical board exams. 

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    I hope you know that Liberty is a poorly regarded school that accepts just about everyone who applies. 

    However, it takes 4 years of undergraduate study plus about 2 of graduate study to become a PA. That's only 6 years as compared with the 8 years of study (4 years of undergraduate study plus 4 years of medical school) plus at least 3 years of residency required to become a physician.

    Someone studying to become  PA should know how long med school lasts. Most PAs at least considered medical school at one point.

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    PA school and medical school are different things - going to PA school first won't give you any credit toward your medical degree.  You will still have to complete 4 years of medical school and then a residency to become an MD.

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    Same amount of time it takes a non-PA, in the US; 4 years med school and residency (assuming your pre PA classes are what the pre med ones require) and the MCAT. There is 1 school in the Caribbean that accelerates med school for experience PAs. Are you really in PA school?

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