Oxidized paint or clearcoat peeling? Repairable or repaint?

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  • Barry
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    If you can carefully scrape off the clear coat that will be ideal. I would try a plastic scraper first. When the clear coat is off use panel wash to clean the hood. Then spray with clear lacquer aerosols. If the clear coat won't scrape off use soapy water and waterproof abrasive pads in reducing grades. See link.

  • 1 month ago

    That is beyond repair. You can shave it off with a razor scraper- it's more brittle than glass, so the color layer should be safe as you carefully remove the unsightly burned-out clearcoat. There are wipe-on coatings that can be applied as a substitute and they show up on youtube. The only 100% repair is to have it resprayed by a pro, but the old stuff must all come off first.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Time for a paint job.

  • 1 month ago

    Clearcoat damage. You can use an auto paint specific gray scrub pad to knock off the loose stuff and scuff up enough for a 2K (2 part) clearcoat spray bomb to cling to. Obviously, if you have real paint equipment with a water trap use that. Normally you just need to do the panel, it looks like the hood there, so mask everything else off and just clear the hood. Now, if it's more involved than the hood you will be better off DA sanding the whole car and shoot the whole thing again BUT that means you have to justify the cost. Doing just the hood you can do yourself even with little experience, that is why they have YouTube videos, but if you have to send the vehicle to a shop then maybe it isn't in your best interest to put money into cosmetics. 

    So, visit a professional auto paint supplier, not a shop, and see if they can mix up a can of 2K clear and get the better masking tape that you can leave on outside or overnight if you need to without issues along with the pads and little things. I can do my own backyard garage paint, not a "pro", but you just need to improve the look of your vehicle a little bit. 

    EDIT: You have to be cost-effective on repairs people, not every car is worth sinking $1,000 into for paint. If you can do a decent prep job, which is 90% of painting anyway, you can have the vehicle look good enough from 10 feet away, maybe even 5 feet, but you'll not get a factory finish unless you invest a LOT of effort into it. 

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