Is my husband's infected toe healing? Should I take him to the doctor?

So on July 21st my husband shows me his toe, this is the first picture. It was a tad warm and swollen. I had him put neosporin on it for a few days. On the 23rd it drained on it's own when he was at work. He's put some neosporin on it every now and then and he's soaked it in salt water once or twice. It now looks like the last picture as of today and he still has pain/soreness. I'm very concerned but he's being stubborn about it, and we dont have health insurance so my only option is to drag him to an urgent care and hope I get away with a flat 200 fee. I can't tell anymore if it's still infected, and the fact that it's still painful is concerning me. (Second and third pics in comments)


I can't figure out how to add more than one picture, so I will just include today's picture in the comments

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