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How is Queen Elizabeth II related to Queen Anne (Stuart)? What is their genetic/familial  relationship on a family tree, if any at all?


@Barry: You are correct about the German lineage. However, the Queen is of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. It is her husband, Philip, who is descended on his mother’s side, from the Battenbergs. That makes Prince Charles and the Queen’s other children from the German houses of both Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Battenberg. 

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    James VI and I is their most recent common ancestor. Which makes them second cousins 9 times removed.

    James VI and I

    Charles I

    James II and  VII

    Queen Anne

    James VI and I

    Elizabeth Stuart

    Sophia of Hanover

    George I

    George II

    Frederick, Prince of Wales

    George III

    Prince Edward

    Queen Victoria

    Edward VII

    George V

    George VI

    Elizabeth II

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    Aunt and niece, thus:

       Queen Ann was a daughter of the cowardly James who fled the English and later pretended to be their King. Imagine, being a King and . . . fleeing. Her niece was therefore the Winter Queen, the little Stuart princess who married the king of Bohemia but only reigned one winter in Prague. That made Queen Ann the great-aunt of the Winter Queen's daughter, Sophia Dorothea the Electress of Hannover. Sophia Dorothea was Queen Ann's heir but died several weeks before inheriting England. So George I, the son of Sophia Dorothea and the grand nephew of Queen Ann, became King George I of England. Queen Elizabeth II, as the direct lineal descendant of George I, is therefore Queen Ann's great great great . . . grand niece.

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    James I of England and VI of Scotland is the link. In order to be British monarch the law states that one has to be the legitimate descendant of Sophia of Hanover, the daughter of Elizabeth Stuart, eldest daughter of James VI and I, King of Scotland, England, and Ireland.

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    They certainly are related as both are descended from the first Stuart king of England, James I. 

    Update: Prince Charles is of the House of Windsor and will remain so, however if nobody had dyed their names for whatever reason, he would be of his father's dynasty, which is/was the House of Schleswig-Holstein -Sonderburg -Glücksburg, and is Danish-German.

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    QE2 is of German descent. The house of Battenberg.

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    They are related as they have a common  ancestor in King James I.  (Anne was James's great grandaughter by way of Charles I and James II.) Since 1701 any British monarch has to be a non-Roman catholic descendant of King James's granddaughter, the Electress of Hanover, the daughter of Elizabeth of Bohemia who was Charles I's eldest sister.

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    They may be very distantly related - but only as very, very distant cousins.

    Queen Anne had no surviving children, so one of her distant cousins, George of Hanover, succeeded her.

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