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Is current King of Norway related to Queen Elizabeth II in the exact same way that George I was related to his predecessor Queen Anne?

George I was Queen Anne’s second cousin, via his MATERNAL line. 

Harald V, current King of Norway, is Queen Elizabeth II’s second cousin. George I’s mother, Sophia the Electress consort of Hanover, was Queen Anne’s first cousin once removed (Sophia’s mother Elizabeth & Anne’s grandfather Charles I were brother & sister - both children of James I). Sophia was 12th of 13 children of Elizabeth. Elizabeth was the second child & eldest daughter of James VI of Scotland (aka James I of England). So, is it correct that if Queen Elizabeth II hypothetically had no surviving children, as was the case with Queen Anne, then (following the same route along the family tree as did Anne’s second cousin George I):Elizabeth II’s second cousin Harald V of Norway could be asked to succeed her to the British throne (via his maternal line through his grandmother Queen Maud & her father Edward VII), just as George I succeeded Anne (through his maternal line through his grandmother Elizabeth Queen of Bohemia & her father James I)?

Of course, in reality QEII has surviving children, grandchildren, niece/nephew, first cousins, etc. that supersede the second cousin relationship of Harald V in terms of succession. But, isn’t it interesting to think that, HYPOTHETICALLY, if all of QEII’s rightful heirs were for whatever reason deemed unfit (as was the case with Catholic rightful heirs in 1701), then possibly Parliament would look to the current King of Norway to succeed as Parliament did with George I. 

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    Yes, he is. By the way, did you know that King Harald's father is said to be the son of Queen Maud's doctor?

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    No, King Harald and Queen Elizabeth are related through their paternal lines. 




    Edward VII


    Albert (George VI)

    George V

    Edward VII

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    King Harald is 77th or more in the succession to the British throne. He is the son of King Olav V so the lineage is slightly different. People seem rather hung up on the idea that the branch of the family that inherited after Queen Anne were German (not that Germany actually existed) but if you want a non-catholic heir (and Parliament certainly did want that) you end up having to look to countries which have a protestant religion.

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    This shows just how distantly related George I (Georg Ludwig until Anglicised to George) was to the Stuarts (Queen Anne, etc.). And it shows how far we had to go to find a distant relative (to the German state of Hanover) to get a new monarch — one who was German! And all because of war/death/executions related to religious differences. 

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    The Queen and the King of Norway are second cousins 

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