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I hit a parked car today. Help?

I'm a brand new driver. I mean, I got my license last week and just got my insurance. I was driving today and all was going really well until I had to swerve from a cat who ran out infront of my car. My mirror hit a parked car and left a scratch and a small dent. Nothing major, but it caused me to panic. I left them a note with my phone number but haven't heard anything back yet (this happened 3 hours ago so I'm assuming they haven't seen it yet). 

I'm totally willing to pay out of pocket. I have no idea how much repairs are going to cost, but if I were to say send them a few hundred dollars when I hear from them, and then tell them that once they have their quote, I'll send more if needed and if it's less than what I sent them, they can pocket the remainder for their troubles. 

I'm so scared to have this go on my record when I literally just got insurance. If I hit your car and offered you the above scenario, would you take it or still go through insurance? The damage isn't major but what would you do?


ETA: I went back this morning because I haven't heard from them yet. I took pics of the damage and noticed I also broke their driver's side mirror. What should I do if I don't hear from them soon? 

Update 2:

Also, it is not a felony to leave the scene where I live if I leave a note with all of my information, which I did. There was no one answering the door to the home which the car was in front of. I did what was required 

Update 3:


I heard from the man whose car I hit. He was very understanding and told me the damage wasn't enough to worry about, he was able to fix it himself. I asked him if he would allow me to send him some money for the damages, but he told me to use that money to buy food to donate to the food bank, so that is exactly what I did. 

I'm very lucky he was so understanding and he was so sweet about it. 

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  • Adam
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    A lot of people wouldn’t leave a note so it’s good you did. The repairs might cost a bit more than you think as scratches generally involved spraying the whole panel if you take it to a professional garage. 

    Mistakes happen, was it an expensive car? If not they might just take a little cash or not at all. I had a car and paid nearly £1,000 just for a sheep replacement (I got completely ripped off) I realised if I’d claimed it that my insurance wouldn’t have gone up much however, I wasn’t a new driver.

    Just sit tight, worrying about it isn’t going to change anything or solve any problems, what’s done is done. most people aren’t dicks.

  • Anonymous
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    I bought a side mirror for a new Toyota Tacoma and it cost about $150. The owner installed it himself. If you know the make/model/year of the car you hit, you can go to Amazon to look up how much the mirror costs. But a dent could easily cost over $500.

    Since you left your info, you did the right thing. But this sounds like it could cost over $1,000 so they could choose to go through your insurance unless you have that kinda money.

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    You have to just wait and see. That's too bad. Had you killed the cat, your obligation would have only been to dispose of the carcass. Too bad for the cat.

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  • VP
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    Unfortunately, auto body repairs are very costly. If you scratched and dented the door panel -- that could take up to $2500.00 to repair and repaint.  


    Did you remember to take a picture of the damaged area so that you aren't blamed for additional damages? 


    Did you write down the make, model, year, and license plate of the car you hit?  


    What damage was done to your car? 

  • car253
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    2 months ago

    You don't say if the car was new or old.  it makes a difference.   A mirror on an old car maybe $20 and on a new car maybe $500.    Wait until they call you and see if they want to pay out of pocket, hopefully, or go through insurance.   If you pay out of pocket NEVER pay cash.   Pay with a bank money order so you have a paper trail.   And, get the agreement in writing so they cannot come back and ask for more money later.   This amount settles the entire debt.   Put that on the agreement you write up.   Your lucky if the car was an old car.     If they want to go through insurance speak to your insurance agent or company before putting in the claim for some advice. 

    In California is the damage is under $1,000 it does not count on your DMV record.   So, what state are you in ? 

  • May
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    2 months ago

    Never, never, never pay out of pocket when you are insured.  Notify your insurance company of the accident and Let them pay.  Paying out of pocket is financially dangerous.

    When you have insurance.....USE IT !

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    Just so you know, it's not like there's a shortage of cats.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    In MY State you are required to file a Police Report IF THE OWNER/DRIVER OF THE OTHER CAR IS NOT AVAILABLE and there is ANY damage.  Where are you?

    What would I do?  I'd tell my insurance AGENT, not the CLAIMS OFFICE, just in case this person decides to file a claim against you and/or files a Police Report.  They have your identifying info.

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    Do not rush things.  I have a 17 year old truck and would probably just laugh and toss your note.   If they do want to follow through , they should contact  with an estimate.  They might choose to accept cash and buy a can of touch up paint.  This is where you learn to negotiate instead of just handing over cash.

          You should ask your insurance agent how much a claim would raise your insurance rate (theoretically).  It might be much cheaper for you to pay for the whole repair than to pay the increased premium.

          Make sure that if you do give them money, that you have them sign a receipt releasing you from all further obligation.

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    Pay the claim yourself if you can.  If they come up with a high estimate you can have your own body shop look at the damage.  You may only have to take a photo.

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