PUA Unemployment - Late filing Query?

I am a contractor in hawaii. I had recently setbacks from spilling very hot coffee on my self crashing my truck and demolishing a lot of tool. 

The coffee was 186 degrees and the lid was faulty. I read about a police officer who had this happen and his car killed someone and turned out coffee should not scold.

Back when the McDonald's lawsuit took place a debate involving how hot cappo and coffee should be, the excuse for 186 was for long haul truckers. 

I took a temperature it was 186 in HAWAII with zero long haul trucking. I had gotten cappo here every day 3 years. They changed cups, I picked it up by the lid and that set me back just before covid. 

Covid shut me down, lost my home, business. As I'm pushing hard to recover, find gigs. I learn about PUA. It never occurred to me to file cuz iv always been independent.

So I filed in June. I was told to file all the back weeks when the lock down put me out of work. 

But I'm curious if they pay that. I think they should, how was I suppose to know that I qualify due to CARES?

Thank you ladies n gents. 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Your coffee scolded you?  The employee scolded you?  What?

    Sometimes "they" pay.  Sometimes "they" don't.

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