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Do animals get bullied by other animals?

Like people get bullied by other people?


Also i mean both in the wild and not in the wild.

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Why did it in the wrong category?

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    Yes...   Animals generally do it tho to chase a weak individual away from the group...   Which is ultimately a survival tactic.   A sick animal could spread disease among the herd.  A weak animal may attract predators or slow the group down..  An animal with a deformity should be left to die and not to reproduce and replicate that deformity.

    Its not really done for the same complex reasons that humans bully each other

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    Sure, they can get bullied. Being the runt, having a deformity, disease, being away from their pack for too long, anything can cause it. Some experts are still baffled as to why it happens, though. There was a documentary about this baby elephant that was hardly even loved by his mother; all the other elephants in the pack despised this poor baby. It would get kicked time and again from others. Finally, it was abandoned. When they picked picked it up and took it to a refuge, they found out there was something wrong with it, and I forgot what it was, but there you go. The other elephants could sense it and didn't want the baby alive to breed and stay within the pack. 

    So they took the baby and cared for him as best as they could, but the baby ended up dying in the end. It was all about natural selection and how packs of animals just KNOW, so they try and abandon them, beat them, kill them, essentially. 

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