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I need advice from someone who has seen a lot of movies ?

If I’m going to watch a movie do I go with the IMDb ratings and should i watch sequels with low ratings 

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    If you're looking for ratings, I would go to RottenTomatoes over IMDb.  But in BOTH cases, try to make yourself be aware of how many ratings each one has.  An extremely good rating over a very small number of ratings probably tells you that the film is a niche film, and people outside that niche probably never saw it in the first place.

    I would generally say that you should NOT watch sequels with low ratings.  There's enough good movies out there that you don't need to waste your time.  Most sequels stink.  Now, that said, if you really loved the original and really want to see where they go with it...sure, go ahead and do it.  Don't be a slave to the ratings.  Sometime a poorly rated movie can still be moderately enjoyable if you did the actors and characters.

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    I would say just watch the trailer and go by your own instincts, there are movies with low ratings I found to be entertaining and if I went by what other people thought I would’ve missed out on them.

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    watch the trailer.

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    definitely not with the ratings. A lot of ratings on IMDumb are inflated by studio interns, who also write copy-paste reviews on top of this.

    Just ask us here instead.

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    Just watch movies you wanna watch and dont worry what the ratings are. Let yourself be the judge of whether its a good or bad movie

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