is it possible to use my old ssd containing my library from Xbox pass and steam in my new pc without redownloaing them ?

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  • 1 month ago

    For Steam, you would be able to in SOME CAPACITY, as I've done this myself.

    First, you'll need to tell Steam where your game library is located on that storage drive (assuming you're connected it via a USB port).  This way, Steam knows where the game files should go.

    Second, you'll have to act as if you're installing the game onto your old storage drive.  Steam will check if there's any existing files in the intended install location when it starts installing.  When it finds something there, Steam immediately switches to an integrity check & compare the existing files with it's database of latest files.  Assuming all the files are there & up-to-date, it'll make the game available to play.  HOWEVER, if there's any missing, outdated or corrupted files, Steam will make a list of these files & start downloading them once it's done with the integrity check.

    Because Steam will only mark a game as "Ready to Play" once it's up-to-date, it will download only what it needs.  For larger games, like GTA for example, it could reduce the download size from 91 GB (for a full re-installation) down to about 5 GB (for just the necessary updates)... making the download time more manageable by comparision.

    I'm not certain how the XBox Game Pass system handles the discovery of pre-existing games on a drive (or install location), but if it's geared for minimal downtime, it would likely utilize a similar system instead of doing a complete re-install.

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