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Does this mean my boss likes me as a person or was it meant in a professional way?

I have a good working relationship with one of my collegues (he has just been promoted to manager) Ive helped him quite a lot. today we were both in the office and I was probably looking nervous getting my jobs done and he said quietly ‘keely, you do know I appreciate you dont you’ I got embarrased and probably muttered ‘yea’ he said ‘good, i just want you to know. Its just its rare you can get someone you can rely on /trust in a team’( or something along those lines). 

There was a long silence then I said ‘yea i appreciate all of you’. Truth is I appreciate him also and all the support he’s given me. Im not great with people though and come across as very offish when in fact id like to get to know him more. Was what he said meant in a purely professional/work related way or do you think he’d like to be friends, I dont mean relationship dont get me wrong

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  • Foofa
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    It would seem he's trying to show you that even though he's now the boss he's still approachable and isn't going to let the promotion go to his head. 

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