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Do UV light safety glasses also block blue light?

I have a pair of industrial UV light safety glasses that says it blocks UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. The specs don't say anything about blue light blocking. So I was wondering if these glasses would also be good for reducing the eye strain and protecting the retina like you'd have with blue light blocking glasses. My guess is these glasses would block the blue light, but I don't know for sure. So I'll ask those of you who know things much better than I. 


FYI, the lens on mine are amber tinted (yellow). Other ones have blue, orange, black, clear, green, and mirrored tints. 

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    No, they wouldn't block blue light. UVA and UVB  light that is blocked goes up to 400nm , blue light starts at 400 nm up to 500 nm , Those are the wavelengths of the UV rays. UVC rays don't reach the earth anyway , but they are below UVA and UVB . To block blue light the lenses must be yellow or orange to be effective.

    You don't need protection from blue light , that is a hoax brought to us from the people who happened to have invented the blue light blocking lenses that actually only block about 20% because they aren't orange. If you can still see the colour blue through your goggles , they aren't blocking blue light for sure.

    There is no proof of any retinal damage caused by blue light . The original warnings issued by that lens company have been pulled because they were false.

    We need blue light to keep our circadian clock in sync. The worse effects of blue light is that it can effect our sleeping patterns if you pass the evening on a computer. SOME people say they are affected and have trouble falling asleep. Use your device filters and that is all you need.

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