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Should I put my kitten in the out house at night? ?

My house has 2 parts a main part and then a small out house/cottage. 

And my kitten has this tendency to roam around the house at night and knock things over and scratch and meow at my door, while I’m trying to get some sleep. 

If I pit her food bowl, water and scratching post in there, Should I put her in the cottage at night? So I can get some sleep 

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    6 months ago
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    If you are okay with the kitten tearing up the cottage...

    Or you could get some balloons. Before you go to bed blow up a balloon and tape it to the bottom corner of the door where the kitten is scratching at. My cats don't go near the balloons. Even if initially your kitten is not afraid, once it has popped a balloon that will change...

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    6 months ago

    why not just let her sleep with you

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