explain this?

They cant make a vaccine that works for flu, none for RSV, cant cure cancer, but can come up with a vaccine for an illness they still dont understand hwo is that possible?

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    6 months ago
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    Shhhh! - not so loud or people will panic. Kudos for spotting the elephant in the room. There is certainly no guarantee we'll have an effective vaccine, but the powers that be can't fess up to that. We have no vaccine for SARS or MERS after more than a decade of trying and Covid19 is even more virulent.

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    You logic is real faulty and no wonder you have problems understanding things. 

    Put it into practical terms consider the flu as a new virus each year and so one needs a new vaccine each year. It's like car manufacturers making a new car model every year. 

    RSV is a different virus that has nothing in common with COVID. It also have nothing to do with smallpox virus to which Jenner in the 1800's produced a cowpox vaccine that prevented smallpox 150 years ago. This proves that each virus is uniquely different and can't be clumped all in  into one group. 

    As to curing cancer? What does that have to do with vaccines? Some cancers have been treated effectively and have placed people into remission. You can't lump all cancers together. As to vaccines and cancer the hepatitis B vaccine has prevented cancers by creating immunity to a virus that was a large contributor to primary hepatocarcinoma (liver cancer). Thanks to the vaccine that type of cancer dropped. It is also hopeful with the new HPV vaccine that the same thing will happen with cervical cancer. 

    As to the COVID vaccine, basic immunology started 150 years ago with the cowpox vaccine and our understanding has increased up to this day. Most of the people have said they hoped a vaccine can be made and recent release of clinical trials have been positive. We don't need to completely understand a virus to make a vaccine. Nobody knew what smallpox virus was or even remotely knew of viruses vs bacteria vs fungi at the time and yet they came up with a workable vaccine a long time ago. 

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    Firstly, you dont understand how vaccines are made: for the flu, to make enough, they are in production at least a year before they are released. The influenza virus is a known mutater, and the vaccine is a best guess effort to mix about three strains felt to be in the next year's infection. Sometimes its better than others, but it is fairly effective. Vaccines for viruses that are stable (like measles, chicken, pox, and polio) are extremely effective and have helped eradicate these viruses in many places (except when someone enters the country from a place where vaccines are not practiced).  Cancer-there are literally hundreds of kinds and you cant vaccinate from something that isnt caused by an organism-cancers are your own cells out of control. The COVID vaccine is partially on fast track because they already had most of the genome sequenced from other corona viruses. Whether it will be successful or act more like the flu is unknown.  RSV is also problematic in that the vaccine cant confer long immunity, however people keep trying to work on that. A vaccine has to be useful without side effects and easy to mass produce to be viable.

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