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How come models can't work independently like artists and musicians can?

Why can't models be successful as independent workers like so many other occupations can?


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Yes. Including them. Models almost ALWAYS need representation by someone else, namely an agency or someone in an entrepreneurial profession in the fashion industry. They can't represent themselves like artists and musicians can. Musicians can still establish themselves even without a label or booking agency. And all artists need to do is create a gallery and sell their work either in public or online. Models on the other hand, can't do ANY of that.

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    like so many other occupations, it's all about supply and demand. Aggressive marketing of yourself and your talents is about all you can do,  Many independent artists and musicians hire a talent agent to assist with fining jobs.

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    because agencies  do all the work, photos, jobs etc

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    Oh... you mean like Kate Moss?Naomi Campbell? Elle Macpherson? Practically every successful model there is? 

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