Will the new Windows be compatible with current Win32 programs?

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    6 months ago

    if they were designed to work on Windows 10, then yes. it is up to the program creator to test it with all the OSes he wants it working on.

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    The difference between as win32 program and a win64 program is the length of commands that are sent to the computer's processor.  With win32 the longest a command can be is 32 bits (or 32 1's and 0's).  That limited how many commands there can be.  And it limited how much memory or hard drive space a computer can use because it runs our of numbers to keep track of memory and hard drive locations.

    So they invented win64.  It allows for longer commands and more memory and storage space.

    But since there were already thousands of commands for win 32 and they work just fine on a win64 processor, there was not reason to create new 32 bit commands.  They continue to use win32 commands in win64 programs.  They are just able to add more new commands that are longer.  (And to address more memory and hard drive space.)

    In win32, commands are many different length.  Some as short as 2 bits, and others as long as 32.  The processor knows how to tell the length of the commands and if it is only 2 bits (or 4 or 8 or 16) it only processes that many bits.  In win 64 they do exactly the same thing.

    So if you run a win32 bit program on a win64 system, the process knows enough to read it as 32 bit commands.  And the program runs just fine.  (However you can not run a win64 program on a win32 system because it can not read the longer commands.)

    So they do not have to do anything to make a win32 program run on a win64 system.  For them to take away that ability they would have to take away to ability to run 2 bit, 4 bit, 8 bit, 16 bit and 32 bit commands.  That would kill 99% of win64 programs because they use commands of all those length.

    It is very unlikely that MS would make it so that their next version of Windows can not read win32 programs because that would also destroy most win64 programs.  And they do not have to do anything to make it run win32 programs.  Processor already have that ability natively.

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    6 months ago

    Currently they are going to great lengths to make sure current programs remain compatible. 

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