Do Americans really care so little about others?

‘Screw COVID’: 250,000 Bikers to Defy Common Sense for Nine Days at Sturgis Rally [Daily Beast]

Bikers from all over the US are converging on Sturgis South Dakota to bring their COVID-19 viruses from those area where the cases are spiking.  At the average 8% positivity rate that means roughly 20,000 bikers will be mingling among the masses to spread the disease.

And that means more than that 20,000, perhaps nearly 40,000, bikers will take their infections back home with them, where their parents and grandparents live, where their coworkers are working, and where their non-biker friends meet up with them at the bars.  And what will the result of this little soiree of uncaring bikers at Sturgis be?

More shutdowns and more shelters in place, because through them there will be more surges and spiking of cases.  These bikers clearly do not care for anyone but themselves.

Are Americans in general that uncaring?

I hope not.


This rally is 100 times larger than even the largest protest marches.  Rally attendees are coming from all over the US, not just local or regional areas.  And they've sworn to not wear masks where many if not most protesters are wearing them, if only to hide their identities.  The infection threats from this Rally are far greater than those from the protests.

Update 2:

The videos of the bikers at Sturgis show very convincingly that very few are wearing masks.  In fact two of the mask wearers looked like elderly people who were probably Sturgis residents.  And the bikers were less than socially distanced as they hugged, held hands, and talked face to face.  I guess they were making sure they transferred whatever viruses they had to their buddies.  [ABC World News yesterday]

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  • 6 months ago

    Really?  Because bikers can't stand 6ft away from each other?  Did bikers suddenly become a cuddly crowd that likes to take selfies?  Don't they often wear face coverings?  The event is predominately outside - if you haven't noticed the restaurants in your area (Calif) are not required to maintain 6ft between tables because they are outside.

    What I'm more upset about:

    - Jennifer Anniston and Courtney Cox saying "wear a mask" while cuddled together in a selfie = Hey Jen & Courtney = NEWS FLASH -- masks are an add-on feature -- the most effective way to wear a mask is to keep distance AND wear a mask.  No, I don't believe you are a little pod

    - Jennifer Garner & Bradley Cooper = was lots of fun at the beach the other day, right?  WHY -- did you do this?  We do not believe that you are part of little pod either.  You aren't 16 -- can't you hold off on getting all cuddling cutesy until a few more weeks????

    - My close friend who is part of the Mrs. Kravitz mask patrol, the goes on a girls weekend with 8 woman. 

    They have "sworn" to not wearing masks.  If you believe this, you need to change your news source. CNN 8/6/2020 = not requiring masks. 

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