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Why are the angular houses most important?

1, 4, 7 and 10? 

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    Good question.  Because they represent the most important parts of the life: Life itself (1), Honors, reputation (10), the spouse, partners, enemies, rivals (7), Ancestry, endings (4). One old astrologer likened them to birth, vigor, decline and death.  I've seen the 4th house and/or it's ruler activated in many death charts or natal charts at the time of death.

    Also, calculating the angles are the one thing all astrologers agree on.  Different house systems will produce different intermediate cusps, but the angles are always the same.

    And the eastern horizon represents the point where the beginning of the cosmos meet the earth.  The MC, not necessarily the highest point in the chart (that is always 90 degrees from the horizon), it is the point in the sky where the ecliptic meets the meridian (in the south) - also very important. 

    Finally, experience.  While some astrologers will go so far as to say nothing in the life that is important happens without the angles, I don't, but the angles figure into life's major events more so than any planet or aspect. 

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