Concussion help please!!?

I recently banged my head 5 days ago, followed with a concussion. Whenever I have a rush of blood to the head or become intimate with my partner, my head goes into completely pain and I have to lie down for a good 30 minutes whilst this agonising pain leaves. 

Does anyone know how long this will go on for or if I need extra help?

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  • kelvin
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    6 months ago

    you don't have one of those

  • 6 months ago

    You should probably see a neurologist, but the short answer is that it just depends. Think of a snow globe that is shaken.  Not all the snowflakes fall back down at the same rate.  The same is true for a "shaken" brain. Some people get back to "normal" fairly quickly. Other people have serious, long-term issues.  

    What you describe is a sex migraine -- yep, that's a real thing.  Read the article below: protocol for a concussion includes no sport/physical activity (even sex), no screens, and even no reading until you have gone 24 hours without dizziness or a headache.  Then, you slowly add things back in.  For example, you might read the newspaper and see if that causes any issues.  If not, then maybe you try watching a show on Netflix or do a little computer work or take a walk.  Each day you increase your activities if you had no symptoms the day before.  If you get symptoms form the activity, you stop that activity and go back a day to less strenuous activity.

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