What  make her like Libra , Aries , Cancer from her natal chart?

Sun Capricorn in 5

Moon Leo in 1

Mercucy Capricorn in 1 

Venus Capricorn in 1 

Mars Capricorn in 1

Jupiter Scorpio in 4

Saturn Aquarius in 6 near 7 

Urauns Capricorn in 5 near 6

Neptune Capricorn in 5 near 6

Pluto Scorpio 4 

Asscedant Leo

Midheaven Taurus

Sun Conjuct Mercucy

Sun Conjuct Venus

Sun Conjuct Mars

Sun Sextile Jupiter

Sun Conjuct Neptune

Moon Oppisite Saturn

Moon Square Pluto

Moon Conjuct Asscedant 

Moon Square Midheaven

Mercucy Conjuct Venus

Mercucy Conjuct Mars

Mercucy Sextile Jupiter

Venus Conjuct Mars

Venus Sextile Jupiter

Mars Sextile Jupiter

Saturn Square Pluto

Saturn Oppisite Asscedant

Saturn Square Midheaven

Urauns Trine Midheaven

Neptune Trine Midheaven

Pluto Square Asscedant

Pluto Oppisite Midheaven 

Why she angry will cry   what cause her to b like this in natal chart 

1 Answer

  • Janet
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    In astrology, we. look at certain distances between ANY of your 10 planets, and your Ascendant ... and any of these factors in the other person's chart. The Signs do NOT matter, and the idea that they do matter is just a gimmick of fake Sun-sign astrology.

    Always do up the synastry aspects.

    In order to get accurate answers, though, you MUST have, for BOTH people:

    (1) the day, month, year of birth

    (2) the EXACT minute and hour of birth

    (3) the birthplace

    Otherwise you cannot count on the answers being accurate.

    This website does free synastry IF you have the birthdata for both people.  It's about as good as you are going to get without paying an astrologer $200 or so.


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