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Is this Evidence that the Arctic Cold is Shifting South?

July, 2020 was historically cold throughout Scandinavia–and across much of Europe for that matter.

The Nordic nation of Norway’s average temperature came out at 0.6C below the norm, making for the country’s coldest July in 50 years.


In what we’re to believe is a catastrophically-warming world on the brink of disaster, Australia’s 68,401km2 island state of Tasmania is currently the coldest it’s ever been.

Just days after its riverside city of Launceston was hammered by its first settling snow for 40 years, the state of Tasmania has now just SMASHED its lowest ever temperature reading.

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  • 1 month ago

    When Tallahassee, FL, hit 2 below zero some years ago, did everyone automatically (and stupidly) believe it was the  beginning of another ice age?  Uh, no; that's not what "climate change" is about.

  • 2 months ago

    A basic error that most climate-sceptics make.

    Weather is not climate. Climate is not weather. Global temperature rise means more energy in the atmosphere and as a result, more extreme weather events. More extreme includes extreme cold.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It will eventually get colder because that's what nature does historically. 

    It won't however, matter to communist clowns because they'll just move onto something else. 

    The primary issue for the commie clown is money grab.  The issue to do that is secondary.  If it's not climate, then it'll just be something else.

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  • 2 months ago

    No.  There have been record high temperatures all over the Canadian Arctic.  Climate Change means just that - Change.  Some places actually get colder while the majority of the Earth warms.

    EDIT:  wow - look at all the thumbs down.  Do people really not know how climate works?  The last ice shelf in the Canadian Arctic has just broken thanks to the warming; meanwhile, Scandinavia is having slightly cooler than normal temperatures.  You can easy confirm this; don't just take my word for it!

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  • 2 months ago


    AUGUST 5, 2020 

    The brutal, fall-like temperatures that have infected much of the CONUS since Saturday will continue to slam-home the “global cooling” message for the remainder of the week — all-time record lows are likely to tumble.

    Looking at the latest GFS runs, an almost continent-spanning blob of “blue” and “purple” is currently engulfing the United States, as a meridional jet stream flow –linked to the historically low solar activity we’re experiencing– kicks Arctic air anomalously-far south.

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  • 2 months ago

    Here in VA, we had the hottest July ever. Some places had almost every day with the temperature reaching 90 degrees (F) or more. Is that evidence that the equatorial heat is shifting north?

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yes it is! You won’t hear about that from the Leftist fake news. 

    Look at mental case Dirac. He posted that same fake map with his puppet account of fake temperatures colored in with red crayons to make it look hot. 

    Red is much easier for the human eye to see than blue. This is another reason why the lying leftists use these fake maps!

  • Koshka
    Lv 5
    2 months ago

    And let's ignore Verkhoyansk in Siberia's record warmth of 38C last june and let's ignore the rest of the world! 

    Ask yourself ''why'' is the polar vortex shifting? 

    Good day!

    Bring on the TD's =)

  • Dirac
    Lv 4
    2 months ago

    In fact, July 2020 was the third-warmest July on record.  You just happened to cherry-pick Scandinavia because it was one of the cool places. Actually much of the world--much of Europe, even, was anomalously warm. Look at the expanded view on the right side of the image--you'll see your cool area in Scandinavia (and the UK) surrounded by a sea of red (warmer than normal) temperatures.

    EDIT: Kind of funny that Solar Wind didn't like the answers he was getting, so he had to answer his own question! Somehow he just doesn't get what "global" means, and he keeps pointing to small regions that are cooler than normal, while the planet as a whole continues to warm.

    Another EDIT: The troll, Clown Crusher, makes about as vapid a statement as he could possibly make: "It will eventually get colder because that's what nature does historically"  Why even answer if you're going to repeat pablum like that? Another troll account, answering anonymously, suggests that red is used for warm temperatures instead of blue because it's easier for the eye to see so it makes it more prominent! Of course the real reason is that most people associate warm with red and cool with blue, but that observation just sailed right past him. If he were technically competent (he almost certainly isn't), it wouldn't be difficult for him to make the same plot and reverse the colors.  I won't hold my breath waiting for it.

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