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Could someone please tell me what the bumps are (picture attached)?

On the morning of August 6th the back of my thigh was itchy and so I was scratching it and later went to the bathroom to look and saw bumps everywhere. I have no idea what it is or what caused it and I can’t go to the doctor right now.

It is only on the back of my right thigh which is weird. I’ve also been really itchy on other parts of my leg such as my ankle, knee, and foot. Could someone please help me ?!!!I’m not sure if this matters but I went to a park the day before but had long pants on, I started using a new soap on the 5th or 6th which was dove Shea butter or cocoa butter bar I believe, and I also got new pajamas from the store I’ve been wearing for a week now. I have no idea why I’m itchy could someone please help and provide insight

These are photos of the back of my thigh. I’m sorry that they’re not good quality but let me know if you need more info to determine what it is 


Turns out I can only attach one photo. Let me know if you need more. Thanks in advance 

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    If you've sat down in the grass lately....

    Could be chiggers. They burrow under the skin.

     You can take a bath with some bleach in it...not too much.. and you'll see them pop out and float to the surface.

     OR...You can cover the area with a healthy coat of petroleum jelly. It will suffocate them. They will usually crawl out and fall off.

     Another is to rub mosquito spray into the area. Rub/massage  it into the infected area. You'll feel them roll out under you fingers as they try to escape.

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