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Where can I find information on the current demands in the world so I could figure out what product to start a business for?


Could you elaborate on that, Anon? Is preparation not something a businessman should do and instead he should follow instinct or something?

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    You need to sit yourself down and do the research.  Any one on Yahoo answers who KNOWS the answer to this is not going to tell you because they are in the process of getting those products together so they can market and sell them.

    So what you do is get yourself and Excel Spreadsheet and start listing  things that you see are in demand in your area.  Then go on line and find out about each of those products and then find out how many are sold in each country.   That will give you the world wide demand for each product.

    You may be able to take a shortcut through the BLS website, but you are still going to have to read it yourself and make your own conclusions.

    Math will be very helpful.

    Yes, you can always pay a company to do that for you.  Those companies will charge you $10k to $50k or more for their services.  It is time consuming.

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    Start locally,  shipping outside the country is expensive and right now may take 2 or 3 months to reach someone. 

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    If you do not know where to start looking then Anon is almost correct.    You actually have a 99.7987439% chance of failure.

    Come back and tell us how you do!

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    You can also look at what your biggest pains are and why you haven't solved it yet. 

    Then see if that's something other people want or need.

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    You have about a 99% chance of failure if you have to ask that question.

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