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What if a motorist has no insurance?

I am cyclist riding a mountain bike. As a person who lives in the city of Chicago, Illinois, cyclists are not allowed to ride bikes on sidewalks (Only cyclists under age 12 can ride bikes on sidewalks in Chicago). What if I get hit by a motorized vehicle like a car, motorcycle, bus or truck and that they no insurance? Cities like this do not care about protecting cyclists and the State of Illinois has ruled out that bike riders must ride on the streets and not on sidewalks. But what if bike riders get killed? Bike lanes with barriers must be installed to protect cyclists from motorized vehicles if cyclists are not allowed to ride on sidewalks. Even hit and run incidents happen during Police chases where car drivers do not care if they drive on bike lanes. 

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    Just like if you're injured in any other way thanks to someone's negligence; you sue them. If they have insurance, that company will defend them and most likely settle with you. If they don't have insurance, then you sue and try to get money out of them yourself. Maybe they have property, but it's more likely that a driver without liability insurance has nothing and there is nothing you can get from them.

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    Then you can sue the driver.

  • Most, if not all jurisdictions require you to have insurance as a condition of owning and operating a vehicle.  Check the laws in your state.  Here in Ontario, if I'm pulled over and do not have insurance (I'm required to have four different types including uninsured motorist), the fines start in the mid four digits.  Also, most jurisdictions require collision insurance if you buy a vehicle and are financing the purchase.  

    Some US states won't issue licence plates for a car if you don't produce proof of insurance.

    One reminder: stop signs and traffic signals apply to you just as they apply to cars, trucks and motorcycles.  If I had a dollar for every bicyclist who I've seen blow through stop signs and red lights, I could retire tomorrow.  

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    The videos are a great training aid.  I often use them to teach motorized bicycle riders on the motorized bicycle forums how to cycle properly.  

    We good cyclist despise idiot cyclist who don't obey traffic laws. It causes narrow minded people to think all cyclist don't obey traffic laws.  

    Here's another thing I advise, this has saved my several times.  Use a duel volume horn system.  Let the horn on your right handlebar be the low volume horn for alerting pedestrians and other cyclist. Let the one on the left handlebar be the loud volume horn for alerting closed compartment vehicles. You can get air horns which can be refilled with a portable bicycle pump.

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    If you survive & the motorist has no insurance, you file a claim against them in court.  Better idea?  Learn "vehicular cycling".  Even bike lanes with barriers are a DEATH TRAP.  They still leave the cyclist susceptible to the old 'right hook' at intersections.  A car, truck or bus passes you at the very last second, then makes a right turn DEAD in front of you.  

    One of my major pet peeves is when a bike lane is to the RIGHT of a 'right turn only' lane.  Makes NO SENSE.  Use the through lane.  Read the online booklet Bicycling Street Smarts:  Take classes either online or in person from Cycling Savvy.  

    Older YouTube videos (3 parts) explains how to do it RIGHT!  I'll supply part 1.  Parts 2 & 3 can easily be found.  TWELVE years now (maybe more) I've been getting around without a car.  Not once have I been been struck by a car or any other motorized vehicle.  How have I accomplished this?  By learning how to "control" or TAKE THE LANE!  Nowhere in the 3 part video series will you see a cyclist hugging the curb.  Here's part 1...

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