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Why is the media making a big deal out of Patagonia ice loss when the same thing happened 15,000 years ago?

Because of wind.  The study says:


We found that precipitation brought to this region by Southern Hemisphere westerlies played an important role in the glaciation of the North Patagonian Ice-Fields,” said Dr Chris Fogwill from the Climate Change Research Centre at the University of New South Wales.

“Our research has shown this ice-field significantly reduced in size when those winds moved southwards.”


Rapid thinning of the late Pleistocene Patagonian Ice Sheet followed migration of the Southern Westerlies

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  • J.R.
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    1 month ago
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    @anonymous, who said, "Chile and Argentina may face critical water storage..."

    "May" happen is not the same as *actually* happened.  Alarmists have nothing but doomsday predictions.

    Come back to me when it actually happens.

  • Fred
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    1 month ago

    You are correct that about 10,000 years ago there was a massive warming event that caused the earth to warm up.  The Earths ever changing tilt has a lot to do with Ice Ages and the earths warming periods.   10,000 years ago the last ice age ended and the earth warmed up to around it's current temperature in as little as 40 years so that makes our current global warming seem trivial.  The problem is 10,000 years ago the population of people on earth likely there were only 100 million people on the planet, no factories, no cars, and a huge amount of forest and jungle cover, and most people were hunter gatherers and not jungle clearers for crops.  The fact is the ice has been slowly melting and the oceans have been rising slowly up until a 100 years ago where man started to increase in population a lot.  Man stripped the forests for farming land with the stupid idea that it rained more when the trees were removed.  Sea levels have been rising roughly 1 metre a year for the last 10,000 years.  Many coastal cities are struggling to keep their coasts from washing away and they believe that in the future the seas will rise to the point all coastal cities will be unfit for living in in another few hundred years.

      The problem has become more serious for the last 40 years as Asia has modernized a lot with many Asians now owning cars and polluting as least as badly if not worse than other modern countries.  Over half the world's population lives in Asia and suddenly in a short time they are polluting in huge amounts choking the world.  Jungles and forests all over the world are being cut down at alarming rates, and it is trees that take in the carbon dioxide and releases the oxygen from it back into the air while the carbon is used by the tree to grow bigger.  The extra carbon dioxide in the air is unable to be kept at the low levels it is supposed to be at and the extra carbon dioxide is trapping the heat in our atmosphere making the earth get warmer.  As the world warms the polar ice and the glaciers are melting faster and faster.  The oceans are warming and as water warms it expands.  Since the last ice age the earth's oceans have risen over 100 metres (350 feet) and they have found towns on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea that once were thriving communities but were lost to global warming.  They say anything like one third of the land will disappear under the sea eventually, and that the Earth's population will top out at 10 billion people and all their food will have to be grown on way less land.  There will be way less jungles and trees to remove the carbon dioxide and likely the level of carbon dioxide will start to cause health problems.  Humans can only take a certain level of carbon dioxide and many will die from the raised levels from it.

      I personally believe there are already too many people on earth for the planet and man is destined for self destruction over the next 2 or 3 hundred years.  Unless all the people on this planet work towards solving the problem then it is all lost it is not just America and Europe that must stop polluting, but also the Asians and I don't believe a large percentage of the world population want to stop the problem and hope everyone else will do without while they keep polluting as much as usual.  Personally I think it is too late to stop global warming as there will be too much resistance to any new rules brought in to cut pollution and people are too greedy wanting the wasteful life they already live.

      These carbon dioxide events have happened before caused by huge amounts of volcanic activity belching huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  It caused huge global warming and also turned the oceans acidic killing most of the life in the oceans.  The oil we use today was caused by all the dead marine life which was covered in silt and compressed and it turned to oil.

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    What you people are STILL not grasping is that even though it is correct to say global warming and climate change have been happening for eons.  What you're NOT putting together is these changes, warming and cooling,  happen over the course of a 100k years, respectively.  The effect from humans polluting the air and water,  nuclear fallout, carbon emissions DEFORESTATION, overpopulation and so on, has caused this disruption in the normal warm/cool cycle so much that we have witnessed it thru the course of a human lifetime.   If every thing were as it should be we wouldn't be seeing any weather anomalies, ice sheets melting at alarming rates.  Understand this, the damage WE human beings, ALL OF US,  have done to our ecosystems will kill human species when we can no longer breath the air, drink the water or live above ground.  The earth will recover and will continue to live on.  WE will not.

  • 1 month ago

    A big deal why they're called "alarmists."

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Climate Commies love the word “MAY”.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Another day, another loss for Clown boy


    "Chile and Argentina may face critical water storage issues due to rain-bearing westerly winds over South America's Patagonian Ice-Field to moving south as a result of global warming"

  • " "
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    1 month ago

    So it wasn't man made 15k years ago, but somehow it is today.  Yeah right.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Because it wasn't man-made 15,000 years ago

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