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I am curious about pheromones..?

1. What do they smell like? Do they even give off any smell?

1a. Can pheromone smell's differ from individuals?2. How do pheromones work?3. Can we humans "purposely" release pheromones? If so how?3a. Can we control them?4. What happens when you buy unscented pheromones? How about scented one?5. Where can I buy them? Do they work?6. Do they work? What happens to the other person who smells the pheromones?7. Where does one usually give-off more pheromones?8. Can Humans go in heat?. (by chance is it like omegaverse?)( Do you think that exists?)....yeah

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    In humans, they don't work. It has not been conclusively shown that humans have functional pheromones. Those experiments suggesting that certain pheromones have a positive effect on humans are countered by others indicating they have no effect whatsoever.

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    Phermones have no smell but we can detect them. They only smell when they are consumed by bacteria, and we smell the waste products secreted by the bacteria after they consumed the phermones To us, those waste products are body odor. 

    Phermones work when they reach our smell detectors, and they change our mood or behavior without us knowing that our moods are changed by the phermones. For example, it is known that when a woman smells her man's male phermones, she may feel greater satisfaction during sex. When a woman is dating a man, she may fall in love more easily when she detects his phermones. If she is alone, and she smells phermones, it has little effect on her mood or behavior. Nevertheless there was one experiment that showed a few young females picking some seats inside a concert hall that had male phermones applied to them, even though all other seats are available and no other people were in that area, and those seats were not the closest to the stage either. Phermones therefore may affect our behavior more drastically than we may know or admit. 

    Phermones are released from glands in the armpits, pubic area and also the areola (pink area surrounding the nipple).  Children do not release phermones, so they have no body odor. They also have no pubic or armpit hair. As people become sexually mature, we grow pubic hair and armpit hair and start releasing phermones. The hair traps the pheromones to make them last longer. We have no control over whether they are released. Some races release more phermones than others. Skeptics and cynics may poo poo the idea that human behavior can be changed by phermones, but they will need to explain why people have pubic and armpit hair when they serve no other function than to trap the phermones secreted from glands located in those areas, and why children do not release phermones or have pubic and armpit hair. 

    There is one interesting study that babies that are breastfed are a lot less likely to become gay when they grow up than babies who are bottle fed. We do not know why, but perhaps babies who are breastfed are exposed to phermones secreted in the areola region of their mother. That exposure may shape their sexual preference later in life. Not being exposed to the phermones as babies somehow make them a lot more likely to be homosexual later in life. 

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    They ARE smells.  No we cannot release them on purpose or control them.

    Feromones will have different effects on different people

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