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I regret have my one adult tooth removed by having pain. Please tell me a way I can get it back? ?

I had to get it done since the pain was causes me constant headaches I was in the worst pain of my life that it got extracted that bad. I brush and floss and yes my teeth are really white but part of it is genetics since I'm in my 30's now. Plus on top of that I couldn't afford the dental procedure at the time... 

BQ: Can you tell that I am missing one tooth? : ( 

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    The best option would be a dental implant.

    It is a "false tooth" that is permanently implanted into your gum.

    It can even be matched to your other teeth for shade of white and size.

    And I can't really tell that you are missing a tooth.  I would not notice if you didn't bring it up.  

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