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why do yahoo answers give credit to the "abuse reports" when some selfish people report questions they don't like or agree?

For example, last week I asked about the fallen angels taking human women, and some mo ron said that it was a question of "sexual nature..." ...really laughable...

I asked twice and these tw ats reported every time.

So why do yahoo immediately takes this reports as true and valid?

These are just some miserable selfish people that want to impose their will even on a public platform..

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    The post removal feature is automated. When enough users report a post as a violation, the system automatically removes it from the display. Human eyes don't review it unless you (the person who made that post) appeals its removal. It's not a case of "yahoo takes reports as true and valid" it's that there are WAY too many reports for Yahoo to pay a staff to review every single one and determine if it's legitimate or not (Yahoo Answers doesn't bring in enough revenue to make it worth paying a staff to monitor the site or the reports) so, only appealed posts are reviewed. 


    FYI, posts are are supposed to be seeking information. It sounds like you were asking a question that no could know the answer to, if they believed such a thing were possible. 


    You can appeal question/answer removals here by selectling Contact a Yahoo Specialist then selecting Appeals  You have up to 7 days to appeal a removed post.

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    2 months ago

    > So why does yahoo immediately takes this reports as true and valid?

    Because a computer isn't "smart" enough to determine whether it was a violation. It only counts reports and trust-ratings.

    Of course, originally we were notified when a post got deleted, so we could APPEAL.  But Verizon decided that too many of us did and stopped sending notifications so it could hire fewer people

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    Yahoo is Moderated by the Community not the Staff Members and they have a Trusted Reporting System so all it takes is 1 Trusted Reporter to Report it and its Gone 

    Did you follow the Yahoo Answers Community Guidelines ? if you did then you can try and Fight it by Sending in a Appeal for It 

    To Appeal go here

    Select Contact a Yahoo Specialist then Appeals then Follow the Instructions from there 

  • 2 months ago

    I don’t report things because I dislike the answer.

    I report them when the comment crosses the line. My biggest complaint is you can’t block those who answer you as anonymous.

    But if your question or answer promotes racism, violence, sexually inappropriate, bigotry or harassment then I will report it.

    Also if you are mean to me or others. Especially to those who would agree with my answers to questions.

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  • 2 months ago

    I saw one of your questions and it could be taken as sexual and as an insult to Christians. They could have been written better. If you don't think they were violations appeal them.

  • 2 months ago

    Yahoo/Verizon doesn't want to pay the wages and salaries of all the thousands of employees that would require is why. 


  • 2 months ago

    Generally a question needs two or more people to report it before it's removed.  It's an automatic system, Yahoo don't review each report.  If you think "fallen angels taking human women" isn't sexual then you clearly have problems.

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