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Should I see a doctor? ?

Hey , so I’ve was just wondering if you guys think I should get a COVID test I been having cough,runny nose and on and off fever and body aches. :(  

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    It appears without evidence that you may develop a common cold or leading to the Flu. Medical experts say COVID-19 usually begins with fever of 100 to 101 degrees for several days with all the symptoms you mention: Cough, muscle pain, sore throat, congested sinuses may alert you that your cold may be headed to presence of coronavirus. Find a testing station with your car and get tested if testing is free. If you may have the coronavirus, your symptoms will increase awaiting results of your saliva or swab test. If you have medical insurance or can afford $109 or $119, you can buy a coronavirus kit from Quest Diagnostics and your collection of saliva(spit)will be tested and you will receive results in several days, not a week or more. I have Medicare that will pay the price of the kit, but I am waiting should I feel poorly and suspect I may  have COVID-19 before purchasing the kit. Go to and investigate.   Good Luck.


  • Edna
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    If you have body aches and fever, you probably have the flu - not corona virus. Body aches are NOT a symptom of corona virus, but they certainly ARE a symptom of the flu; and so are coughing and a runny nose.

  • kelvin
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    2 months ago

    still not Covid-19

  • jean
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    2 months ago

    it won't hurt........................

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    Call your doctor's office and ask them

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