Who is the dumbest person to ever visit your house?

This guy, who was a Spaniard, years ago, who was -ez surnamed and white thought he was Hispanic and idiotically spoke with a Latin English accent when he was supposed to sound like Frank Lopez from "Scarface." Jesus Christ, my dad's family are not stupid people thank God and thye all have Frank Lopez English accents, -ez surnamed - they are Spaniards but I won't specify whether they're from Spain proper or Spanish America.

Nuyoricans and Italians are not white. They are Latin with Latin English accents. And Lady Frankenstein was dumb but I had to actually deal with this nimrod.


Next time he comes I think I'm gonna call the cops on him for being a nuissance XD

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Nuyoricans suck. 

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