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Which royals, at the time, had more of a claim to the British throne than did Sophia the Electress ?

I’m asking about the royals who, at the time, had more of blood-related claim to the British throne than did Sophia. Sophia died two months before taking the throne. Her son George I eventually succeeded his second cousin Anne. Who were the relatives of Sophia who had more of claim, via blood relations, than did she or her son?

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  • Clo
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    2 months ago

    Queen Anne's half-brother,James Francis Edward Stuart,  could have been monarch, but he was Catholic and did not meet the requirement of being Protestant, able to uphold the Protestant succession..... In fact, the British-born Stuarts were all Catholic, which is the sole reason they were overlooked.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Some 50 people had a better claim. James Francis Edward Stuart, nicknamed The Old Pretender who was the son of the deposed King James II of England and Queen Mary of Modena, and thus half brother to Queen Anne and Queen Mary II. He was excluded from the succession (as were the others) because he was a Roman Catholic. Also his son, Charles Edward Stuart (The Young Pretender, aka Charles III, Bonnie Prince Charlie) whose attempt at an uprising ended at Culloden.  The Electress of Hanover was the nearest protestant claimant.

  • Rico
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    2 months ago

    Anne’s younger half brother James Francis Edward Stuart has the strongest claim by blood.  He was born before William & Mary were offered the throne.

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