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How long does it take to show symptoms after testing positive for Coronavirus? ?

I was wondering because the governor of my state of Ohio, Mike DeWine, tested positive for Covid-19 today. He is in one of the higher risk groups for complications from the virus due to his age of 73 years old. He is currently asymptomatic and hopefully he stays that way until he recovers from the virus. But if he develops symptoms, how long will it take for them to start and what specific symptoms should he keep an eye on the most? 

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    Testing positive means you already have the virus in substantial amounts and symptoms can come at any minute or remain asymptomatic. There's no specific timing that has been established with regards to testing positive and coming down with symptoms. The incubation period has been studied but that is slightly different from what you are asking. Incubation period refers to the initial time you are exposed to the virus and when one develops symptoms. That would be about a week or two. 

    The time period as to when one tests positive and if they continue to show no symptoms within 10 days according to the CDC then they are considered clear of the virus and no further testing is needed. In his case the 10 days after he tested positive is the countdown that he will go by. 

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