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Question for New Yorkers?

Is Manhattan really dead, or does it have some action still?

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    well, a great  many things are still closed because of Covid.........Broadway is still dark, which is killing that entire quadrant and all the after show restaurants and all that. 

    But Manhattan is still  freaking Manhattan.......and if you can't find enough to do in Manhattan, then you just aren't trying. 

  • Take this from a former New Yorker. NY is dead and poor compared to lets sat 70 years ago. in the 1950s nyers had 3 cars per family. Now they have none and have to take the dirty overused taxi or subway as the capitalist lifestyle is gone!! Flrida welcomed me in 1968 and thts where i will remain!

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    Manhattan remains busy, but it's slower than it was pre-COVID. 

    Things that are noticeably quieter are tourist locations, nightclubs, bars, etc (those that are even open). 

    There are still plenty of people on the streets, but again, fewer than before. Not sure what you mean by "action". 

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    I just heard from someone who went into Manhattan for the day for a medical appointment.  They said it was very quiet.  Nothing open for breakfast since there's no office workers to sell stuff too.  Pretty much all the tourist attractions are still closed, as are the theaters and the movies.  Nightclubs are closed.  

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    "We are not dead, nor do we sleep." Define *action*.  We live  90 minutes away, but are in no rush to go.  Even places we love monitor the amount of people showed in at once.  We can wait.

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