What should I major in if I'm unsure whether I want to pursue nursing school or medical school? ?

I've always wanted to become a doctor. Now that i have graduated high school and experienced interning and shadowing at a few places, I'm confident in pursuing health care. For me, the ultimate goal is wanting to help people. Healthcare fascinates me so I know I would love to go into that field.. but that's all I'm sure of right now. A small part of why I thought I'd pursue nursing is because I'm nervous and unsure of my abilities and whether I'll be able to get through medical school. (I guess a bit of confidence issue as of now). But the large and main reason is that I'd get to interact with patients much much more and be there for them rather than just flash by each person. But part of me still tells me I might want more. To save lives, be able to help more people and just learn and experience more. I'm about to begin my freshman year in college and am currently majoring in nursing. But I wondered if I majored in Biology, which many of my friends who plan to go onto med-school are majoring in, If it would still be possible for me to go to nursing school instead once I figure out what I really want. Since I'm stuck between Med-school or Nursing school. I was wondering If anyone has had any experience with majoring in biology and going onto nursing, or being unsure of which path to go down? I don't know if changing my major to Biology would be the smart choice. 

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  • 6 months ago

    Go the pre-med track or decide.  In the U.S., classes for a BSN will not be accepted as fulling medical school requirements.  There are many post-baccalaureate accelerated BSN programs that someone with a pre-med BA/BS like biology or chemistry could get into.  Those degree would also prep a student for PA or DO schools.

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    6 months ago

    You could go into an accelerated nursing program with a degree in biology. It would take you 1-2 years

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Don’t go for Nursing, by 2030 they suspect a surplus. Research it before you waste your time. If you want patient interaction there’s always ultrasound tech or other things with patient interaction

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    6 months ago

    Biology, Chemistry, Pre-Med

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