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Are Zenouska and Christian Mowatt children of the Blood Royal?

Were they born of royal seed descended from a royal monarch?

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    Yes, something like 59th and 58th in line for the throne.

    They are the legitimate grandchildren of Princess Alexandra,

    so their great-great-grandfather was King George V.

    The biology is irrelevant, the line of descent is all that matters

    and in the UK "Royal Blood" passes on male and female lines.

  • Clo
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    2 months ago

    Zenouska and Christian Mowatt are the grandchildren of Princess Alexandra and can claim royal ancestry. But, in order to be considered of the blood royal, children would have to be the legitimate issue of a king or a prince. Female royals do not pass down their status to their children, status coming from the paternal line.

    So, Zenouska and Christian are not of the blood royal; neither are the children of Princess Margaret of the blood royal since their father was not a prince. All have royal ancestry and are part of the line of succession without holding the royal HRH status.

  • Rico
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    2 months ago

    No, in female lines children are not considered blood royal unless they are children of a prince. Their mother Marina was a member of the extended royal family, but like the children of any other non royal female, she was not herself considered to be royalty. 

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