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Is Robbie Williams more respected in the U.K. than Morrissey?


I do not mean is Robbie Williams more respected musically...i mean is Robbie Williams more respected for his worldwide success as far as sales and poularity 🌎?

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    Probably.  The British are legendary for not appreciating their own culture.  In all fairness I think Morrissey's Nationalistic views are upsetting a few people but he's always had them so it's nothing new.

    As for Robbie Williams I have never understood the popularity of that talentless hack.

  • F
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    6 months ago

    Yes because Robbie’s songs are generally upbeat but Morrissey’s make you suicidal. 

  • Zapata
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    6 months ago

    Both of them are seen as yesterday's men in the UK. Williams was much more commercially successful and still appeals widely to the over 30s, and has become a straight M.O.R. entertainer. Morrisey's fan base is probably now mainly the over 40s, and he was always more "indie" and cool, but the truth is he has recently lost a LOT of respect and many previous fans due to his weird, intolerant political statements.

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