Seremela asked in PetsFish · 4 months ago

How long should I wait to add a betta fish to a brand new tank?

I thought it was 24 hours for the water to cycle through the filter but the lady at Petco said I should wait 5 days.  Why 5 days?  How long should I wait before getting the fish?  (It is a 5 gallon.)

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  • Laura
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    4 months ago
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    You need to wait to add your fish until some good bacteria has started to grow in the water.  You can get products that help add good bacteria into the water so you can add your fish sooner.  Something like this will let you add in your fish as soon as the product has cycled through the filter.  How long that takes depends on your filter and tank.  I would add this before bed, and add the fish in the morning to be sure the product has had enough time to do its job and won't hurt your fish.  

    Be sure to add your fish slowly, and acclimate them to the chemistry of the tank water.  Basically don't just dump them in.  There are lots of ways to go about this, I would watch some videos on youtube to get an idea of how you want to set that up.  

  • Expat
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    4 months ago

    12 hours is long enough but 24 is what many people do. It’s so that any chlorine in the tap water can dissipate. 

  • 4 months ago

    It actually takes longer. With bottled bacteria you can get it cycled in 2-3 weeks. Without it takes a month or 2. You know its cycled when the ammonia and nitrites are at 0ppm and nitrates are being produced. You will need to get a kit to test these things. 

    Its not recommended but you can get fish right away and do a fish in cycle. You will need Seachem prime or something similar to protect the fish from ammonia and nitrites. 

    You should do some research on the topic before you get any fish.

  • Edwena
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    4 months ago

    10 days would be safer.

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