When will my name officially change?

When my name change gets granted, will my name actually change immediately or will it officially be changed a couple days later?

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    1 month ago

    Your changed name becomes legal to use immediately, when it's "granted". It's up to you do reach out to your drivers license bureau, banks, credit cards, loans, social security, job, school, passport, etc and take the steps to have your name changed with all those entities. Many will require a copy of the documentation of your legal name change and some may charge a fee to issue you a new drivers license or vehicle registration. Credit cards and banks don't typically charge a fee to make that change for you. NONE of it is done automatically though, you must reach out to each entity yourself.


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    immediately  by court Order.

    You will then be legally obliged to contact everyone, business, government, etc. to change legal documents. to the new name.

    Name Change is only notification to You, alone.

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