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If you had a concrete ornament near the front corner of your house, would you paint it it's own unique color, or match the house trim color?

Mine is a bird feeder, but I never lay any bread in it to attract birds, so I just leave it there as an ornament. It's about 2' wide at it's highest point across the top, and about 3.5' tall. It's a Craftsman style house, and if I match the house trim color, it would match things like the tops and bottoms of the columns on the wrap-around front porch which is sort of a slate gray. It would match that perfectly, but I'm considering giving it it's own unique color, probably a shade of green, which I'm thinking would call more attention to it, assuming anyone cares. I'm not pondering this for myself cause I don't care that much, and I sure don't care what the neighbors think. I'm thinking from the perspective of a future buyer and what most buyers would prefer to see if they don't want to repaint it, which they probably won't. Vote now. 

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    6 months ago

    id paint it to blend in and the accents added or potted plant would be the pop of color.

    Id try to move it...other wise paint it tge same color of house to blend in

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    If you are likely to drive into it, you should make it a standout color.

    If not, paint to match trim. I doubt it would matter one way or the other 

    to a buyer unless they were especially averse to concrete ornaments.

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