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I accidentally cut off the side portion of my thumbnail by picking on it and now the side of it is white and swollen and hurts to the touch?

A week ago I was casually picking at my right hand thumbnail by using my left hand thumbnail. I was not picking it aggressively or anything like that, just casually. Then my left hand nail cut through the side of my right hands thumbnail and severed it to where it was hanging off. It hurt a bit when the initial cut occurred. After about 2 days of leaving the nail hanging on I took it off, and then a day or two later the side of my thumb where the nail came off became white and swollen and hurts when i press on it, it remains this way as I type this. I'm not worried or anything, i'm just annoyed that its been like this for a week and I just want my thumb to go back to normal. In previous days I put neosporin spray on the area, and since yesterday I have antibiotic cream on the area with a band aid over top it. I guess this will work, but does anyone else have any advice on what to do? Thank you

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    Get a Tetanus Shot quickly.

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