Can I still add collison coverage on my insurance after non at fault accident ?

Ok got into a non at fault accident but the other party's car insurance is taking really long to repair my car. They sent me an estimate but no check or adjuster has called me. I only have state minniumn insurance. Can I add collison to insurance so my insurance can pay for damage and chase after the other guys insurance. I am in Florida.

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  • car253
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Did you call the claim Rep?    I would be callling every day and ask where is my check or pick a body shop they contract with do repair the damage to your vehicle.

    And, tell them if they don't hurry up you will file a complaint with the Department of Insurance.

  • May
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    Yes you can add it.

    No they won't pay because you didn't have collision coverage when you had the accident.


  • 2 months ago

    You can add collision coverage, but it cannot pay for damage from this accident or chase after the insurance of the other guy who was in this accident.  It can only pay for damage from future accidents or chase after the insurance of the other person who is in an accident that happens after you add the coverage.

  • L
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    2 months ago

    You can add, any time you want, but what you add will NOT do anything for what you've already done.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Can you add it and pay the extra high cost for it? Yeah. Will it cover the damage you already got? NO. Insurance is NOT THAT STUPID.  You add collision when you are going to decidedly destroy your car because you want to.  That is why collision coverage are much higher in cost than regular minimum coverage insurance.(up to 5x's more costly) Most people do not go out and deliberately destroy it. That is why they got their basic driver get a license. Not to be a "crash test dummy".

    ..The crash happened so it is somebodies fault. Hopefully the other guy. Now you got to chase after their insurance except YOU can't because you are a pesky fly that needs their eyes.  They are taking care of "their man" who pays them

    the big bucks.

    Firstly, you ain't the first car that needs repair by the body shops and they do them in order. You are not important.  You are on the list.  You got to wait until it is your turn. No different than waiting for a table to a restaurant.


    Also it will be someones fault that the crash happened...hopefully all their fault. AND they have insurance. Fortunately for you, they did. Otherwise no one would send you an estimate unless it was a guy who was working out of home who did the estimate.  Trying to make a few bucks off of you. Otherwise he has nothing to do with it at all. (He works out of his garage...not a legit business but hey a repair quote is a repair quote if you do not go through insurance.)


    When you buy a car, you are basically buying a BIG gun that "could DESTROY OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES OR PROPERTY...or even worse disable them for the rest of their lives.

    They are going to SUE YOU for every cent you have or will ever make now or in the future.  Insurance says "we will take on that gamble" - that you are not out to destroy people or property with your car weapon.(because you passed the driver's exam.)

    . fluck your car when it is your fault...meaning you drive like an ANGEL.  You are insuring THEIR CAR, BUILDING, PEOPLE, ETC.  Your car does not enter the picture when you have Liability coverage(which is the minimum coverage.  IF You caused the crash, you swallow the loss to your vehicle.

    ...yes you can buy collision coverage that will fix your vehicle too EVEN IF IT WAS YOUR FAULT.(it costs hundreds more per year) Insurance is going to make sure you pay for it by HIGHER RATES.

    But you are a good driver, right? So the chances it was your fault will be very slim, right?   If a crash does occur then it is the "other guys fault"...and hopefully he is insured(meaning covering your car damage and your hospital bills and lost wages, etc)

    Why nothing is not happening is that YOU DID NOT REPORT THIS CRASH TO "YOUR" INSURANCE COMPANY.  Your insurance company is your hired HIT men(like the Mafia hit men) who will "speak" with the other guys insurance company "in your Behalf" in insurance language. (it might as well be GREEK)

    - That is why you pay them the big money...even minimum insurance is BIG money.

    That is why at every accident you get all the info about the other driver Lic Plate#, his name & D.L.#, his address and insurance companies name .  All this is in your Driver's Training Manual.  It has not changed in 40 years. You are suppose to know this.  I forgot most as I don't get into accidents so I carry the manual in the glovebox..  It may be on the back of your insurance papers....just fill in the blanks.

    Waiting for the other insurance company to come to you - you will be dead from old age before they go out of their way to talk to you. "They will AVOID you so they don't have to pay you"  

    That is the way it has always worked.  

    . Only your insurance can FORCE THEM TO DO SOMETHING.   

    Or, if you got injured, then you really need to go legal and hire a Crash Lawyer.  He got even a bigger HAMMER.  It will go to a judge and he has the ULTIMATE HAMMER.  What he says goes.

    Now you know a little more.  They have forgotten about you. And hope like hell you do not ask others about how the system works.

    Florida or Timbuktu.

  • 2 months ago

    You can add it anytime but it only covers from the date you add, not for past events.........

  • 2 months ago

    You can add additional coverage that will start the day you add and continue on.

    No, you can't add insurance and expect it to cover you retroactively.

    We have no idea how long you think is a "really long time".

    You are free to sue the driver of the other car to speed up the process.  But if your courts are closed, that's not going to speed up the process.

    Have you called the adjuster?

  • 2 months ago

    You can add collision coverage at any time, however:

    1. if you were not at fault and the other driver's insurance isn't paying (or they didn't have insurance) then that would be a claim on uninsured/under-insured coverage, which is separate from collision. The collision coverage pays for your own car if the accident is your fault.

    2. No coverage of any kind is going to cover you for an accident that occurred before you implemented the policy.

    My guess is that for about $100 you can get an accident attorney to write a nasty letter to the insurance company and you'll have a check by next week. You don't have to actually hire the law firm to take over your case, they can start with just a letter telling the insurance company to knock off the games and pay what they owe.

    I'd go ahead upgrade to full coverage though so you're protected next time. I doubt the other insurance company would be jerking you around like this if your own insurance was already involved.

  • 2 months ago

    You can add insurance.  But it will only cover accidents AFTER the date that you add it.  No insurance will cover an accident that happened before you took out the insurance. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Why would you think you could add insurance coverage AFTER an incident?  If that was the case then no one would buy insurance until after they got into an accident.  So the answer is no, and it doesn't matter what State you are in.

    Now, your real question is how do you get the other insurance company to speed up.  The best way there is to contact them.  If they are being evasive, then contact the other driver.  Let them know that since their insurance is being slow you will be filing suit against them.  If they don't handle the claim. The other driver will go to their insurance company.  

    If they still don't pay, then do exactly that...file a suit.  Unfortunately with COVID it may take a bit longer but if they are truly at fault you will eventually prevail

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