Is applying for the same job again desperate?

Do hiring managers look down on this?

A job was advertised on LinkedIn 3 months ago and I applied. Long story short the hiring manager got back to me but ghosted me thereafter. I guess they found someone else. The same job was posted by the same hiring manager today. I applied and saw that they viewed my application on LinkedIn. I lost my job due to the pandemic and I've been searching since April. Is it bad if I applied for the job again? Do I look desperate? To be honest, I'm feeling a little desperate for a job but I know my experience matches the job posting.

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  • n2mama
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    3 months ago

    Not desperate, but the outcome is unlikely to be different. For whatever reason, even if your qualifications met the requirements of the position, you weren’t selected. Nothing of significance has changed in the past three months. The manager will likely get your application and go “Oh yeah, I remember this person” and the reason they didn’t select you. I’m not telling you not to apply, just be aware that it’s unlikely to have a different outcome.

  • 3 months ago

    Not necessarily if it is a really great job.  The issue here is that the hiring manager clearly didn't select you, so it is unlikely that that person will consider you again.  Your prospects aren't improved by the fact that you haven't found a job within the last 3 months either.

    All you can do is reapply and see if they give you a second look or not.  

    As an aside, you might want to give your resume and how you present yourself and your qualifications a look with a critical eye.  All hiring is subjective to some extent.  Your qualifications got you an initial contact, but something from that contact made the hiring manager look elsewhere.  Why?  What has been your experience in looking for a job? Are you applying to jobs for which you are qualified?  Are you getting interviews? What about either the jobs or you are keeping you from getting employed?  Is there anything you can change or do differently?

    It's really hard finding a job right now for sure, but a qualified professional shouldn't have that much trouble finding work if they are targeting the right positions and presenting themselves correctly.

    Good luck!

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