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Foreign entities WILL meddle more heavily in 2020 than ever *unless* we can double down & perfect proven-safe, BIOMETRIC verification. . . .?

- More than "just the presidency" of the United States is at stake.

- Our future as a Democracy and world power could very, very easily be destroyed by the mistrust and division all around us. 

- Would YOU resist biometric verification like the DMV and many computers now use? Like keeping a thumbprint, palm print, iris scan or other with a local govt? Say, the county or State?

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  • All 'we the people' know is it shall be a grand honor to 'DEFEAT' the 'enemy' infamous callous insane sinister 'Mastermind of EVIL' Trump! Take back our White House! =<)

    Source(s): 'Truth & justice!' =<)
  • 1 month ago

    So we’ve three months to perfect a technology? I don’t think that’s a realistic timeline. 

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