What is the biggest danger of many Psychiatric Medications?

Many Psychiatric Medications have a side effect which makes the person feel like killing themselves or otherwise known as suicidal tendencies.  This is a clear-cut spiritual danger because it is well known that if one kills themselves they endanger their soul into going to hell.  It makes one wonder as the true aim of these medicines and what an alterior motive of the medicine may be.  Jesus said "Do not be afraid of those who can kill the body, but those who can destroy both the body and soul."  And this is exactly what the intentional aim of these medicines are.  And just as a side note the origin of all Psychiatric medications came from Nazi Germany as scientists and doctors did horrific experiments on the Jewish people during World War II.  So seeing where the source of these medications came from, one can easily put 2 and 2 together and know these medications are clearly not something from Yahweh.


Abiyah- I agree with you that we should ultimately fear God, "fear of God is the beginning of wisdom"...and that it is only  God who can put our soul in hell...but I believe there are agents of evil in this world, Satanists behind medical degrees who are sadists working for Satan , who are encouraging people to kill; themselves through psychiatric medicine that has suicidal tendencies, in hopes that the person DOES kill themselves and DOES go to hell.  These meds came from Nazi Germany.

Update 2:

Anonymous - You will see I am not crazy, when you start seeing you, and friends/family in the future having to have the mark of the beast in order to buy groceries or get medication or either be killed.

Update 3:

People on medications for things like Bipolar are going to have to choose between "staying on their medications" or being killed.

People who buy groceries are going to have to choose between dying or being able to still get groceries.

"For you can not by or sell, without the mark of the beast.  His vain number is 666, if you refuse to take his mark he will cut off your head."

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    Most medications have side effects and the worst part is that you cannot get off them easily and if you try to, you go into a depression and suicide is often the result.

    The verse that U quoted is to not be afraid of them that can kill the body. Rather be afraid of Him who can kill body and soul in the fire. AND THAT IS YHVH GOD WHO DOES THAT NOT DOCTORS.

    So your premise is incorrect. THERE IS MUCH EVIL IN THE WORLD.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Damn. You are crazy as a rat in a toilet. Are you a doctor? You write like you have no idea what you're talking about. Stand around and wait for Jesus to cure your schizophrenia. That's never the answer to a mental illness. Ever. 

    You're either batshit dumb or a troll. 

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  • 2 months ago

    River Euphrates- Adam and Eve "were under the influence of Satan" in the garden of Eden when they ate the forbidden fruit...being under an "evil influence" does not make a sin such as suicide th eigh thrign to do.

  • There are no such psychiatric drugs, drugs can affect the immune system, depression, allergy, etc., but they are not guilty of people's suicides!

    Suicide is a psychic factor, that is, demons enter people's minds and suggest suicide, so they will no longer suffer on earth, while with suicide, the person will condemn himself to hell for killing his body.

    Jesus said to His people, do not be afraid for those who kill people, they will kill the body, but not their soul, therefore, the person will continue to live with his soul. And the murderers, they will be judged by God on the day of their judgment.

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  • 2 months ago

    It's 'ulterior' motive, not 'alterior'.

    Your attempt at conflating all modern psychiatric medicine with N@zi Germany is laughable, and your 'concern' for the 'souls' of people who are prescribed anti-psychotics, and other psychiatric medicines is pure, unadulterated bullsh**.

    IF there was a 'God', and even if suicide was some kind of 'unforgiveable sin', do you not think that an 'all-knowing' deity would be able to differentiate between someone who makes an active decision to kill themselves, and someone who does so because of a problem with their brain chemistry or some other kind of mental defect?

    Or, even in your imaginary scenario where psychiatry is some kind of 'evil' thing, wouldn't your 'God' know that the individual had been under the influence of a medication that was intentionally made to create 'suicidal tendencies' (and most likely had it forcibly given to them) when they committed suicide?

    There was a kid my daughter went to high school with who committed suicide.  He was a really popular kid, seemed to have it all together - but he apparently had something going on that nobody knew about (I don't know whether or not he was on medication).  He and his family were Catholic, which is among the many religions that preach suicides go to hell.

    Imagine already suffering the loss of a child, only to have your belief system/church deluding you into thinking that not only is he gone, but that he's been relegated to an eternity of suffering.

    That's patently f**ked up.

  • Kevin
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    2 months ago

    Those meds do no such thing they help far more than any harm

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    The hour has come and the kingdom of God is near; repent and believe in the gospel.

    Follow peace with all, and sanctification, without which no one will see the Lord.

    Accept Jesus, obey the bible and you will be saved.

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    You again? Do you have no shame or understanding how wrong you are? 

    ATTENTION: DO NOT EVER TAKE MEDICAL ADVICE FROM SOME JESUS THUMPER on the internet. Jesus ain't gonna help ya here with an actual mental illness. Aspirin has side effects, btw. Do not take advice on what meds to take or not from SOME ******** ON YAHOO ANSWERS. 

    Source(s): Nineteenthly?? WTF is wrong with you? Medication is of the devil and...??? Put the Bible down, folks. It's rotting whatever's left of your brains.
  • 2 months ago

    I guess you think Andrea Yates was right to go off her medications as she did, and it's far better that she killed all her children than if she had stayed on her meds and possibly had the rare side effect of suicidal ideation.  The biggest danger of psychiatric meds is that people listen to morons like you, go off them, and then do something really dangerous.

  • 2 months ago

    The problem with all commercial medication is that like every product of a capitalist economy it has alienation of use and exchange value.  The profit motive makes it less useful and more harmful, and to this extent psychiatric medication is indeed the product of Satan because Babylon is also the product of Satan.  However, if someone kills themselves under the influence of medication, they aren't responsible for their actions whether or not you consider killing yourself to be sinful.

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