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Food poisoning and breathing problems?

Hi a few days ago I ate something bad and a few hours after I did I vomited. I did not feel better after that I had to take some pepto bismol tabs which helped a bit. My stomach feels sore and I can barely eat I always feel nauseous or after I eat feel like I need to vomit but I don’t. I’ve never had this before and I noticed at night I have a hard time breathing? I sometimes feel as if I can’t breathe and it scares me I get anxious what do I do??

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    6 months ago

    Call your doctor's office and and explain. In the UK you can call NHS 111 and answer the call centre operator's questions. For safety, also get checked for the Covid-19 Virus as around 1 in 8 people with it are said to experience GI upset.

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